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Cognitive and behavioural therapies – (CBT)

CBT aims to help you change the way you think (cognitive) and what you do (behaviour). Rather than looking at past causes, it focuses on current problems and practical solutions to help you feel better now.

The way we think about situations affects the way we feel and behave. If we view a situation negatively, we may experience negative emotions and feelings which lead us to behave in an unhelpful way. Your therapist will help you identify and challenge any negative thinking so you can deal with situations better and behave in a more positive way

CBT can be helpful for depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, obsessions, eating disorders and managing long term conditions.

Humanistic therapies

This approach focuses on the individual as a whole. It encourages people to think about their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. The emphasis is on self-development and achieving your highest potential rather than on problematic behaviour. Gestalt therapy, person-centred therapy, transactional analysis and transpersonal therapy are all humanistic approaches.

Transactional analysis

Transactional analysis is a comprehensive approach which incorporates aspects of humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic therapy. It categorises the human personality into three states – Parent, Adult and Child – which can help you understand how you interact with others.

Therapists also look at how your beliefs and the way you interpret the world around you can create recurrent and problematic patterns of behaviour, and will work with you to help you to change.

Gestalt therapy

The name Gestalt is derived from the German for ‘whole’ or ‘pattern’. It looks at the individual as a whole, and within their surroundings, rather than breaking things into parts. Practitioners help you to focus on the here and now and your immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviour to better understand how you relate to others and to situations. This can help you find a new, positive perspective

Person Centred Therapy

Person or client-centred therapy is based on the view that everyone has the capacity and desire for personal growth and change, given the right conditions. Rather than being seen as the expert and directing the therapy, the counsellor offers unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence to help you come to terms with any negative feelings and to change and develop in your own way.

Our First Session
This will be a chance to discuss what you wish to bring to counselling. It will be an opportunity to ask questions and to come to a mutual working arrangement. For me to explain how I work, with information about counselling. We will agree on dates to see each other, the payment process will be explained and the cancellation policy.
Transport and Parking
If you come by car details will be given to you for your first appointment. There is a parking in front of the house, and you are more than welcome to park there if there is space. Alternatively, there is always plenty of safe parking on the street around. Travelling by bus, we are well serviced by Yellow and More buses along the Wimborne Road, with stops close by. If you come by bicycle, it can be locked behind the gate, please bring a chain and padlock as well.
What if I arrive early

Because I work from home, and I see several clients a day, I’m afraid I cannot offer a waiting room. If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside as I cannot accommodate you inside. If you ring the doorbell before your appointment time I am unlikely to be able to respond as I will probably be working with another client. Text me to know you have arrived.

Fee's & Accepted payment methods

Free 30 minute assessment by telephone or face to face.

£40 per 50-minute session for individuals

You can pay with cash, credit/debit card, or bank transfer. All payments are due at the end of each session (unless agreed otherwise) and will be receipted for your records. If someone other than you is paying and you wish an invoice to be sent directly to that person or organisation, that can easily be arranged, but you must make that clear when booking your first appointment.

BACP Ethical Framework

Available Counselling Session Method’s

Online Counselling

Telephone Counselling

Face to Face Counselling

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