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Guiding you through overcoming anxiety and loss, fostering personal growth and positive change in a warm and welcoming space. Begin your path to a brighter future here.

We're all on this journey together.

Anxiety The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step. At Sole Therapy Bournemouth, we’ll take that first step together.

Life, like all journeys, it presents many triumphs and trials

Everyone struggles with depression, anxiety, loss and trauma at sometime.

When stress and anxiety weigh us down, or when depression makes us feel incapable, the triumphs often don’t seem worth the trials.

Everyone knows how freeing it feels to talk through it with someone who understands

Whether you’ve struggled with your mental health for years, or you just feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to.
Sole Therapy Bournemouth provides a safe, accepting place to share and work through your mental health issues.

No waiting lists or waiting rooms

My practice in Moordown, Bournemouth is a place where you won’t be judged, but treated with respect and dignity.

Don’t want to meet face-to-face?

I’m happy to counsel you online or via telephone, whatever works best for you.

New to talking therapy?

Have questions ? Don’t know what to expect?
Many people interested in seeking counselling services are often put off by the clinical office environment of typical practices. (Not to mention the waiting lists and long periods between consultations.) I created Sole Therapy Bournemouth — to provide a warm, inviting space for anyone who needs a little help taking that first step toward growth and change.

Available Counselling Methods

Online Counselling

Face to Face Counselling

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